Muriel Pichard

About the Atlantic Essences

Muriel has been involved in the process of preparing vibrational essences for many years and did set up “The Atlantic Essences” range in 2010 with, as a first release, the Dolphin Essence “Together” introduced at the World Rainbow Vibrational Essences conference over the Spring Equinox.

This marked the beginning of an adventure, and since then, other essences have followed, each bringing their own unique vibration. Amongst them, four environmental essences are currently available:

"The Journey Within"
"The Leap"
"The Essence Within" (Isle of Mull, Scotland)
"The Pilgrim" (Lindisfarne, UK)

and 16 more essences (flower, environmental and animal) will be released during the course of this year (2015)

For more information on the Essences and to order them, click on "Buy The Essences"

For more information on Dolphins, please contact the "Institut Dony"

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