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Flower Essences consultations

Who are they for?

For anyone, of any age, in search of their own essence, going through all transitions/transformation, whether they manifest on a physical or emotional level, or both. Sessions can be of support at challenging times or simply assist on one's path.

Muriel works with different sets of essences, having a particular affinity with the Lightbringer Essences, the Wild Earth Animal Essences, the Alaskan Essences and The Atlantic Essences. Each range has its specific energy, and the same individual might benefit from different essences at different times and no sessions are alike. In all cases, they aim to hold a nurturing and safe space inviting the individual to their own unique power, opening them to explore their innate potential.

Aromatherapy Massage

As with flower essences sessions, they are opened to anyone and offer a possibility to find “stillness within”. Whether in search of invigoration, healing - physical, emotional, spiritual – and/or profound relaxation,
Muriel aims to create a nurturing and safe atmosphere.
Loving the art of blending, she prepares bespoke blends of essential oils, selected intuitively, and each session brings a different experience.

Where do Flower Essences consultations and aromatherapy massage sessions take place?

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