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About Vibrational Essences and homeopathic healing

We all need help as we pass through life’s magical and challenging journey. One of the Earth’s natural guiding lights along our pathway is the natural healing power that is the essence of flowers. This power is transmitted in flower essences, through the transfer of the flower’s energetic pattern into water. The same process occurs with gem, environmental and animal essences. Only the support differs.

Essences help us look within the shadow, uncovering layer after layer, helping us to retrieve the core of the essence of who we are. Something we had forgotten or neglected about ourselves, may be acknowledged, repaired, celebrated, empowering us to heal ourselves.

Although flower, gem, environmental and animal essences work on different levels, they all facilitate our self–awareness process. They are displayed in dropper bottles, and can be taken internally, added to a bath, mixed up in creams or sprayed.

Muriel practices with the Alaskan Essences, the Lightbringer Essences, The Wild Earth Animal Essences, the Bach Essences, the Bailey Essences, the Greek Tree Essences and her own range, the Atlantic Essences, all with their unique gifts and specific energies. During her sessions, she brings in her skills acquired as a homeopath combining structure with intuition.

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