Muriel Pichard

About The Essence Within

Throughout our lives, we look for:

The CONNECTION to our soul, our emotions
and the essence of who we are

The EXPRESSION of our feelings,
our uniqueness and creativity

The RECOGNITION of the repetitive
patterns in our lives and how to change
them, and of our own unique beauty

And we aim at LIBERATION from blockages
that can so easily blight our lives


A warm welcome. My name is Muriel Pichard. I initially qualified as a Homeopath, and during the course of my training, I was introduced to flower essences, which was a true revelation and changed the course of my life and work.

Vibrational Essences have become the core of my work and I have set up the Essence Within to offer consultations and flower essences courses/workshops and develop “The Atlantic Essences” range.

As an addition, my love for natural fragrance and for the art of touch brought me to train in aromatherapy massage, which is now an important part of my healing work.

On a personal level, I love animals and have a passion for Nature and wilderness. I feel very blessed to have been befriended by a herd of untamed horses who have taught me so much about them, myself, and true caring and cooperation. Through observing them, I have become attuned to their high sensitivity and intuition.

I feel they are now an integral part of my healing work.

Muriel is really happy to be introducing this Spring, her range of essences currently including 15 Flower/Tree, Animal and Environmental Essences.

Connection & Collective consciousness, Expression, Freedom, the feeling of “Being Home”

The website: will be ready in June 2019.

However, the essences are ready now, and if you would like information on them, you can read the attached PDF document and/or contact Muriel directly on or call her on 07545 380915


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